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Core Value #1

Quality above quantity

Over the years I have watched friends of mine in the business try to expand from a small shop like myself to a higher volume outfit. They were focused on how much money they could make, which I suppose makes perfect sense to someone only thinking about business. They start out with good intent, a sense of having something for themselves, being able to design and build and the excitement of new projects and challenges. But then, like most businessmen, money comes into play with the realization that one person can only do so much.


So what happens? They hire more guys and take out loans on newer, bigger, more advanced equipment all with the idea of handling more jobs faster. They go from doing all the work to now only meeting the clients and designing the job (if they haven’t hired designers to take over this part too). So now what used to be a small one or two man operation has now become a large business with multiple employees and huge overhead requiring several jobs per month just to pay the bills.


What do you think has happens to the quality? The answer is… what quality? It now has to be about quantity. Because I’m such a control freak I’ve never been able to take this route.

It's impossible for me to put my name on something that isn’t as perfect as I can make it and that I’m not proud of.

For me it’s all about the personal acquaintances I make with the clients that become my friends, listening to their dreams or visions for their projects and turning them into reality, always wanting to please.

Core Value #2

A Personal Touch

Deco Design is currently a two-man shop, my brother and me. I’ll be the one you meet to consult about the project and design it, but it doesn’t stop there. I build, spray, assemble and install your cabinets or furniture.

I’m a perfectionist so there is total quality control at all times.

I know exactly what goes on with your job at all times because I’m the one doing it. My brother share my work ethic and we make an amazing team. Now I’m not saying we wont get bigger, but you will always be hiring me and our small, professional team.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!