American Towers Condo – Hallway Bathroom
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American Towers Condo – Hallway Bathroom

About This Project

It’s been almost two years in the making and it’s finally time to reveal this unique space. The opportunity to work on this project came with a very detailed list from the owners as to certain “tech” requirements and inspiration as to the overall look, function and feel.  The clients had purchased a penthouse in downtown Salt Lake and were planning on a complete overhaul of the space. They had done their homework and were up on all the latest electrical and “tech” features and possibilities. When I met them they were still in the planning stage and passed along some architectural plans to reference. I knew they were looking for a modern feel with very clean lines and that the smoothness and quality of coatings along with the capability to offer various wood and material options were very important to them. The end result I think far exceeded all expectations.